Working with Staiger

We have been a popular regional employer for decades – and not just because of our fair pay. Because it is our conviction that satisfied employees can do a better job. And that makes our customers happier, too. How we do that? With a friendly and open environment, interesting tasks and a culture of respectful personal interaction that has been practiced since our incorporation.

A friendly working environment

We create a comfortable professional atmosphere at the workplace through structural design: bright, friendly and well-maintained rooms across all areas promote a positive undertone. And then there are many small and larger incentives as well as open interaction among all staff, which have not only made our employees perform well, but were able to retain them for decades in many cases.

Well-maintained, modern staff rooms, plenty of daylight and a free selection of drinks and snacks were not incentive enough for us: we also listen to the needs of our employees and flexibly act in their interest wherever possible.

Contributions to innovations

Exciting tasks and contributions to shaping them are the order of the day for us: we constantly develop new manufacturing solutions for sophisticated products required in large numbers – in collaboration with and for our customers. Therefore, we like to work together as a team in order to solve such challenges. Within this context, good ideas at any level are just as welcome as further development of personal skills. Using innovative technology and making individual contributions to the development of innovations small and large thus forms part of our exciting everyday work.

Open corporate culture

Staiger is more than a family-owned company: we consider ourselves one big family. And that is why we listen to each other and meet any needs whenever possible. Whether changes to the working hours model, requests for further training or other aspects: we facilitate whatever is feasible for us. Because this approach has been beneficial for everyone involved for decades.

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for employees who want to join our friendly and committed team. We are currently looking to fill the following vacancies:

  • Open application

    Would you like to work with us but can't find a suitable position in our posted vacancies? We would still like to hear from you: please contact us for a non-committal preliminary discussion. You can reach us by phone at +49 7427 93190-0 or via email at

Our Wall of Fame

We frequently have the honour of recognizing and congratulating employees on their longstanding loyalty to our company: this also proves that working with us is more than just a job. We are thrilled to have experienced such success together for such a long time!

Marina Erler

2022: Ms. Erler has been with the company for 10 years.

Volker Hummel

2021: Mr. Hummel celebrates his 10th anniversary with the company.

Marita Walter

2021: Ms. Walter celebrates her 20th anniversary with the company!

Jan Pfriender

2021: Mr. Pfriender has been an integral part of our team for 10 years.

Marianne Schmid

2021: We sincerely thank Ms. Schmid for no less than 25 years with the company!

Pattama Friedrichs

2020: We would like to thank Ms. Friedrichs for 10 years of dedicated service.