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Staiger conducts quality assurance based on a seamless QA system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, including 100% continuity and short-circuit testing as well as work folders for every project. Special testing and measurement procedures as well as regular training sessions for our employees and a transparent information management system ensure the uncompromising quality of our solutions.

Crimp height measurement

Crimp height measurement is a non-destructive test offering reliable quality control during ongoing production runs. It is the only fast method providing insights into the electrical and mechanical properties. Specifications for the respective crimp connection are defined as early as in the design phase.

Microsection analysis

We conduct microsection analyses of electronics assemblies and crimp connections during the ongoing production. Microsections are created in consultation with our customers and documented in a test report. This ensures that the defined limit values for your requirements are met at all times.

Pull-out force

We use pull-out force measuring devices to determine thetensile strength of the connectionbetween the cable and the contact. The observable limit values for the force are based on thecable cross-section and the applicable technical standards. The applicability of technical standard in this context depends on your connector application's area of use.

Our certifications

A seamless quality management system is indispensable, particularly in the context of the functional safety of electronics. This is why Staiger was an early adopter of a sound audited and certified quality management system.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Clearly defined processes and a structured approach backed up by independent auditing: this is how we make sure to meet the quality requirements you place on us.

UL certification

UL represents a particularly exacting standard for products, components and materials. Compliance guarantees marketability in North America without any issues. We are doubly UL certified: ZPFW2 – cable harnesses and ZPFW8 – cable harnesses for the USA and Canada.

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